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Drilling Cable Holes(copy)
Cable Bolt/De-Watering

Probe Hole Drilling.

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Drainage Pipe Installation.

Construction, Probe, Cable Bolt & Depressurisation Drilling

Cable Bolt/De-Watering Drilling
Inline provide "in pit" cable bolting, grouting and tensioning services. The Inline drilling rigs are used to drill modified "Cable Bolt" boreholes into permanent or temporary batters.
The angle and design of these drill holes are critical to achieving the desired results therefore maintaining the integrity of the batter for the life of mine/quarry.
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Probe Hole Drilling
"Probe Hole" drilling is used to identify old underground workings, void areas within the rock mass and occasionally to define over burden limits or hard rock boundaries within Quarry's.
"Probe/Investigation" type Drilling can also be used when building or designing new roads to provide the engineer with a better understanding of the in-situ material to be constructed upon.

Drainage/De-Watering Holes
As shown here "Drainage" or de-watering holes are drilled into the permanent or temporary batter to relieve the pressure from the high wall by removing the water/fluids through the insertion of specifically designed and installed drainage pipes.
Having these boreholes & pipes located in exactly the right position will achieve optimum results.

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With 28 years’ experience, Inline’s highly qualified team of drilling & blasting specialists are safety conscious and know what it takes to get the job done.
Our managers and a large number of our operators have expertise in both drilling, blasting, RC Grade Control and wall stabilisation operations in either quarrying, coal/gold mining or construction operations.
We use the latest drilling, blasting & geotechnical equipment and technology, which is well maintained for reliability & efficiency at all times.


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