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Hi all, well we have been asked to write a bit of an autobiography so our customers can get a better understanding of who we are and what we do with our spare time ..... if any!
Personally I think its a great idea for building trust with our clients.

Well i grew up in Te Kuiti in the central North Island of New Zealand. I spent nearly 22 years in and around Te Kuiti learning the "ropes" of life so to speak. I attended school in Te Kuiti until i was 14 years of age when my parents decided to make the move to Mt Maunganui as they had purchased a cafe.
At 15 years of age (since I knew it all by then) I decided to leave school, on my own accord and start work as money seemed like a good answer to most problems eg: new cars or motorbikes etc.

After one season in the Kiwifruit industry I headed back to Te Kuiti where I started with then the Waitomo District Council.
I started on the "seal crew" learning each task along the way before taking on the "leading hand" role for this division.

During this period I enjoyed playing rugby for one of our local rugby clubs "Waitete Rugby Club".
Waitete has a proud history of being the top club within the wider King Country district and producing great All Blacks like Colin (Pinetree) Mead's, Kevin Borovich, and Paul (Ox) Mitchell.
I played under 18 & under 21 rugby grades before work filled any spare time I had and therefore no time to train or play unfortunately.

At the age of 19 I was given an opportunity to manage the Mobile Chip Crushing Unit for Waitomo District Council and I grabbed it with both hands. The crusher boys were renowned for working very long days & nights and also weekends. In those days only a chosen few got to work in the crusher division so I felt very privileged to be offered the role.
Over the next seven years or so I learnt almost every aspect of Quarrying from Drilling, Blasting and bench design to building and fitting new components to our crushers as well as rebuilding diesel engines etc.
This really was a great part of my life (even though most of it was at work).

During this period I had seen my "boss" Chris Brown purchase several cars including a couple of new beamers (BMW's) that he loved dearly and would always speak about there features and power from such a small engine when he had the chance, normally while we where covered in crap under the crusher rewelding a jaw liner seat or something similar in the middle of the night.
Being a pretty average Te Kuiti boy the sound of a V8 engine always had special place inside. I guess this developed when I was young where we could hear the bikie gangs coming down Awakino Hill in Te Kuiti some three km's away from home which gave me just enough time to gap it down to the main road on my push bike (chopper if you remember them) to see them travel by sounding like a role of thunder.
Anyway with all work and very little play I saved enough money to purchase a new 1994 Holden Commodore 185KW, SS V8 with roller rockers, headers and a cool box to fulfil a life long dream. What a buzz, 23 years old with a new V8 Commodore, lucky I was still living at home when not away working.
Some six months later I entered the Commodore in the Te Kuiti drags which was over 1/8th of a mile. The reason for my entry was to beat my father in law John Fagan and his brother David Fagan who always had the latest Commodores as well.
I ended up third behind John in his new 215KW Holden Senator (1st) and some other bloke with a 400 cubic inch Chevy (standard). I very nearly was beaten by a local chick in a Commodore the same as mine but automatic so that was a big concern at the time!          

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With 28 years’ experience, Inline’s highly qualified team of drilling & blasting specialists are safety conscious and know what it takes to get the job done.
Our managers and a large number of our operators have expertise in both drilling, blasting, RC Grade Control and wall stabilisation operations in either quarrying, coal/gold mining or construction operations.
We use the latest drilling, blasting & geotechnical equipment and technology, which is well maintained for reliability & efficiency at all times.


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