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RC Grade Control Drilling

Open Pit RC/CQ Drilling
Open Pit Reverse Circulation Drilling (RC) and Coal Quality Drilling is a specialised Drilling Technique were the drilled aggregate travels up through the centre of the drilling string and into a "splitter" box where samples can be collected and passed onto the Laboratory for further assessment.
With regard to Gold Mining the laboratory/engineers then create a three dimensional model of the deposit and the ore boundaries are highlighted to the excavation team who extract the material for milling before being poured into "Dore" bars, a mix of Silver & Gold. 

Our latest RC Rig is capable of drilling vertically, horizontally or inclined.
The unit can also drill angled RC holes within four metres of any highwalls.
The new cone splitter offers a three level split and also the options to pre select sample bag volumes and one or two bags from each sample. 

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With 28 years’ experience, Inline’s highly qualified team of drilling & blasting specialists are safety conscious and know what it takes to get the job done.
Our managers and a large number of our operators have expertise in both drilling, blasting, RC Grade Control and wall stabilisation operations in either quarrying, coal/gold mining or construction operations.
We use the latest drilling, blasting & geotechnical equipment and technology, which is well maintained for reliability & efficiency at all times.


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