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DTH Hammer Drilling Rigs

Ingersoll Rand CM695D - DR04
The Ingersoll Rand CM695D is one of two DTH Drilling Rigs Inline has within its fleet.
DTH Drilling provides superior drilling accuracy and borehole alignment as opposed to Top Hammer type drilling techniques when using T45 or T51 drill rods.
This rig is capable of drilling 105mm - 152mm diameter blast holes.
This smaller DTH unit is also ideal for perfect "line drilling", "pre-split" or difficult drainage hole drilling situations.

Cubex QXR920 
The first of the Cubex range of drills was brought into New Zealand by Inline Drilling Ltd. Since then these rigs have dominated the New Zealand DTH, Blasthole Drilling market for larger hole diameters. 
This type of rig is capable of drilling large diameter blast holes up to approximately 216mm or 8 1/2' inches in diameter.
These rigs are mainly hydraulic so they are less susceptible to electronic or electrical problems as experienced in many of todays Blasthole Drilling Rigs.

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With 28 years’ experience, Inline’s highly qualified team of drilling & blasting specialists are safety conscious and know what it takes to get the job done.
Our managers and a large number of our operators have expertise in both drilling, blasting, RC Grade Control and wall stabilisation operations in either quarrying, coal/gold mining or construction operations.
We use the latest drilling, blasting & geotechnical equipment and technology, which is well maintained for reliability & efficiency at all times.


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